Friday, September 25, 2009

They Know My Child...

So, in a million years I would have never even imagined of a Spider Girl...she is not even a real character. But, to my Hope, this will be even better than a pirate. I am going to de-vamp it with red or black tights and some boots or tennis shoes. I know she will be thrilled. Her first choice for her costume was Spiderman and well, I vetoed it. So...someone must have known there was room for compromise. The Spiderman of a superhero but the femininity of a little girl...good golly Spidey! I mean what kind of mom would I be not to snatch up the last one in her size...seriously? Spider Girl?! Oh WalM*rt you have NO idea how many points you just scored me ;)

Love totally picked out her costume. She chose this little number. I know it is all for the shoes...she is a sucker for any type of noisy shoes. I think this one is sweet. I still have some back ups if it is too cold out. Hey, it isn't even October yet - I am so ahead of the game :) For $20 per costume...I can't even make 'em that cheap!

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Anonymous said...

They have a big selection at Party city, plus a 10-15$ coupon to boot.I am going to be bat girl this year, I don't care how old I am!!!!!!
Luv Jan