Sunday, September 6, 2009

I've Been Converted...

Ever since I was a kid my most favorite season was summer. I loved everything about it. The heat, the sunshine, the swimming, the sno cones, the lazy days, the no school, but most of all the freedom that came with summer. A freedom like the no other. No schedules, no homework, no after school practices - just carefree.

Up until this past summer, I would stay the course and agree summer is the bomb when it comes to seasons but...something changed, something has been transformed in not only my mind but my body.

I can not handle the heat the same as just a few years ago. It's hot! I used to love to lounge in the pool or near by some form of water. Now, even my kiddos are saying it is too hot to swim...say what? And as for the figure that enjoys being in any type of swimwear - gone are those days too. They've been gone for a while but I have truly despised this past summer.

We had a taste of the season to come...FALL. Y'all it was straight up glorious for the entire day and a half we experienced it. It made me smile just feeling the soft, sweet breeze on my face, watching the gentle blowing of my little girls hair in the wind, the hint of things to come - holidays, family gatherings, birthdays. Also, the best season for soups, stews, warm cider and hot teas. Yumm! My coffee cravings come back full force as the nights begin to nip a little. And fashion...things get to be more covered and layered and lumpy and it is perfectly ok. The colors of reds, olives, burnt oranges, and golds not only on trees but on people :) I love that high school football is back in the swing of things....completely floored that it costs my kids, who are students at the stinkin' school a whopping $7 to get in...forget that our taxes were raised to build this new stadium years ago...?? The new fall schedule on TV - yep, I said it. I know. I should be busy with other things, and I am, but I love a good hour of HGTV Design Star, Food Network Star, Top Chef or Project Runway. Thanks to tivo I can still be efficient. And lastly, I love the time slots for our days. I love that we have places to be and things to do and dates and times to be there by. It makes me feel organized or prepared or semi together...although I am still being molded in that area.

I have had my husband and many friends who have been big fans of fall...and now, I am on board, I am a convert, fall is my new summer :) And I love her...fall that is. She brings the most beautiful season of colors. And weather that is just a near perfect as it can get - for Texas. I can't wait! We have two little trees that are supposed to change colors and in Texas...that is saying something...our very own fall foliage in our own front yard.

So, if your wondering what my inspiration was for the bloggy changes...well, now you have it. Which is what I was really going to blog about anyway...oh, this mind of mine - wanders more than a lost dog. Anywhoo...let me be the first to say...Happy Fall Y'all!! She's coming 'round the corner. Well, 2 weeks and a day to be exact :) Just FYI, on the 10 day forecast for our 8...will be only 88 for the high. Days 9 and 10 return to the mid 90s. So, if y'all see Summer...could you tell her we loved visiting and catching up with her but she has plum worn her welcome out...the Harris family is ready to host a new guest...yep, you guessed it, it is Fall!

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Angie said...

I LOVE your new blog, and I'm with you on most of your "loves" of cider, warm meals, cool nights, and hiding under bulkier clothing. :) The leaves are already changing here in the Midwest, and it is pretty. Can we then just skip to spring, please?? I don't think I can bear another winter of subzero temps and months of snow up to my eyeballs!!!