Monday, September 7, 2009

A Little Labor Day Fishin'

About 4am this morning my two guys and my little lady went off on a fishing adventure with my dad. I was questioning the night before whether or not Hope would actually get up and stay up for the quest. Boy did I have that all wrong. She bounced out of bed and was roaring to go...I guess she may have had an instinct of what the day may hold. Hunter on the other hand was more...well, hesitant.

Turns out they went to eat breakfast after they picked up Grumpy and his boat. They hit the lake around 7am and the fishin' began. Hope really got after it. She was the big fisherman of the day. She caught three drum, a sand bass, two catfish, and two or three perch. Not only is my girl one heck of an angler she has sophistication in her catch...notice the bevy of fish breeds? It is always better to not limit yourself to one species :)

Poor Hunter, he was out done by his little Sis. He caught a baby bass and two perch. Maybe next time Bud.

Hope did some boat driving and boat riding along with all the catching...a girl simply has to take a rest. She let her own line out and she reeled in all her of her fish. I can only imagine how proud both Big Daddy and Grumpy were of her. She is quite the fisher chick :)

They did not leave the lake until about 2pm. She was still chattering about how much fun she had.
Getting boat lessons from Grumpy. She told me that Love would not want to go in Grumpy's boat because it "hauls"....oh, lovely terminology. She was a bit upset at the thought of holding her own first. She didn't even want her picture taken. Things changed... :)
Pleased with her catch
Have you ever seen a more adorable fishergirl?
Here she is with a fish on her line...reeling the baby in - check out the look on Grumpy's face...she just may be the boy he never had :)
Aww...this is Hunter's catch...hee, hee... :) Now, this explains his hesitancy to get up this morning...not a lot to get excited about, huh?
They all had a blast and both the kids are talking about next time. I asked Hope about her favorite part of the day and she said "that Grumpy taught me how to call a turtle". After her demonstration it sounds a lot like the sound of kissing the air...but apparently there is something to it. She said the turtle came right next to the boat. She also said "spending time with Bubba". They need know her being a tomboy and him being the big brother. The two of them being such avid outdoors men is just a common thread that the Lord sowed between them :)


Anonymous said...

Awh for the love of fishing.I do have fine looking fishermen and girl. Yes I do. Hope I know you must enjoy the outdoor life alot it shows on your face. I love seeing you kids spending time with Dad and Grumpy it does the MiMi good hehe. Love you bunches just look at the smile you put on Grumpy's face too cute.

Angie said...

Oh, I had to chuckle at your son's fish. Who's responsible for bringing home dinner, anyway?? Hope looks like she's having so much fun....

Anonymous said...

It so nice to see that I wasn't the only tomboy in the family. Wait till she starts catching grasshoppers and puttin' them on her hook herself! I'm 45 and still love baitin' my own hook, but I still don't like takein' the fish off the hook, I've been finned too many times. Smart girl!!!!We still have to be girly about some things. P/S- I don't clean them either, remember I'm still a girl. I'm soooo proud of her!!!!
Luv, Aunt Jan