Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Miss Solo

This morning Love and I went for our first solo trip to the library. Our bigger kids always enjoyed Story Time that is offered by our public library. I thought I would try her and see. She loved it. She sat still and listened and she even got the jokes during the puppet show :) Today's theme was teddy bears so we heard lots of teddy bear stories and then had a puppet show about a teddy bear. There is a very loud and very noisy music parade where all the kids select an instrument and march around in a circle. She found herself something to play but was not into being in the marching band. We then sang the goodbye song and she picked up her "homework" (a teddy bear color sheet). Afterwards we hung out in the library and selected a few books. She truly enjoyed this. I think she just felt so big. There were older kids among her and just that she was choosing books along side them seemed to tickle her. I took some photos...not great but I still wanted them for me. I mean after all, it was her first visit to the library without her older siblings.
Giggling at the puppet show jokes :)
Carefully making her selections
Official first trip to the library
Her choices...with a little help.

I am so thankful to finally have alone time with her. We have lots of fun things planned for us to do and see and I can't wait for her to experience them as the center of my attention and not as my 4th and easiest going child. She could use this one on one time...even though she has no idea she is missing out. I am even more excited about watching her grow as her world opens up. Don't you just love seeing things through the eyes of your child?

Just you and me little one :)


Angie said...

LOVE the last photo. That one on one time is sometimes hard to find, but it sure is precious when you do. My kids love the library, too. I have canvas bags for them to paint so they can haul their books...probably should do that soon....

Anonymous said...

Got to go with my daughter to pick up Love from school. Did I ever tell you that I have the most precious little grandaughter ever. We went to lunch togeter with her mom and she is a love. I enjoy her so much always makes me happy even when I'm not feeling very happy. The girl has a smile that will melt anyone who comes in contact with her.The picture of their hands made me cry. I love how my daughter keeps all this blog going. If I haven't told you in a while I love you and am very proud of the home and love you give my grandkids. love mimi