Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Party

The kids dig the ghoulish punch and halloween decor
Big Daddy and Hunter...just hanging out
Faith enjoying the crafts...and lollipop (y'all keep it on the down low from her dentist, K?)
Love painting her mini pumpkin :) And decorating her cookie
Faith diggin' and a cleanin' her pumpkin
Hope and her finished pumpkin. She selected the scene and helped mark it before I cut it out.
Faith's finished pumpkin...we added eyelashes for fun (sorry about the camera without flash shoots slow)
Hope's pirate ship pumpkin, she was so proud of "her" pumpkin :)

Times are changing, life is happening...even if we don't particularly care for its direction. I was happy to see my cousin and her kiddos. They are holding up. It is huge what they are currently enduring. Bless them Lord.


Angie said...

Great carvings and much more creative than we are! Reminds me...we should carve our pumpkin soon!

Anonymous said...

Awh it was a great night for pumpkins and grandkids. I have the best! Love Hope Faith and Hunter are awesome . One proud MIMI. Great Time with good friends and family. Love your pumpkin painting was awesome. Hope yours was just as great. Faith you were a hoot. and the pumpkin did turn out great.Hunter well you gave the best hugs all night long and MiMi was a very happy camper.