Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Up...

Let's see...I have been a terrible blogger. There has been much to talk about but not a lot of time to do it. Something I find comfort in is that I am not alone. All my bloggy friends are in a funk...I guess we have all caught the bloggy blues lately. I am going bullet style to catch up:

*My 88 year old grandmother had emergency surgery a week ago...she felt took her to the ER...part of her bowel was dead...guess that would do it. She is recovering physically ok, mentally a bit slower. She is moving in with my parents.

*Faith changed schools. The bullying was back. A new girl, same crowd, friends that were disloyal...just a stinker of a mess. The change is VERY good. They just don't tolerate it or much else at the new school. She is amazed at what they send kids to the office for...which has her on her best behavior. She joined athletics and is loving it. She digs physical competition.

*If you ever want to see the devil having his way with your children or their friends...check out their mysp*ce will be amazed at what they say, do and photograph. AMAZED....thankfully I have Faith's password and visit often to check on things and people. It is a great way to learn who she should hang with and those we should pray for. She isn't strong enough to bring them up, in fact, she is young enough in the faith to be brought down rather quickly. I don't know where the language really got out of hand...even the girls I know and would have no problem at all with her hanging with surprise the wits out of me. That is where the hanging stops and the praying begins.

*Big Daddy had his surgery Monday. He is something else...I am just going to leave it at that.

*Soccer is going pretty well for Hope. Faith on the other hand has had only 2 games and we should have had 8...rain, rain, go away.

*Love went back to the eye doctor. His prediction is she will probably be in glasses before Kindergarten.

*My little girls LOVE school. My older kids LOATHE the school work. There is so much busy work. Who assigns a freshman a word search for science vocabulary? What does that teach at all besides word recognition?

*I am so sick of laundry. I'd like to donate everything but one week's worth of clothes for each person...and then have them wear everything twice :) Just kidding....uh, sort of.

*Hunter is in love with....Blue. But, Blue totally nips at him all the time. He hasn't established his alpha status with her yet....he babies her too much. He won't correct her...which we are trying to teach him is actually hurting them both.

*Speaking of Blue...potty training puppies is worse than humans. I like diapers...all those times I said I didn't - I lied, I know that now. Diapers are wonderful. They are waste containing carpet and shoe savers.

*Love is putting words together nicely now. She is hungry to learn. I am also seeing a very artsy side developing in her. She has an incredible imagination...she can build blocks and see just about anything in her finished product.

*Does anyone know anything about photo restoration or repair? I have a photo that I was changing the frame on and there was sticky stuff on the inside of the new frame and it pulled some of the picture off onto the glass. Our 10 year old canvas family picture now has white dots left on my children's Help?!

*This morning Hope had a field trip to the pumpkin patch. She was excited...I lacked zeal because of the weather. I called the school twice and the "committee" decided they would go because all the activities were inside a barn. It was raining. I had asked Big Daddy to pray for my attitude to was stinkin' a bit and even my sil was praying for it. I knew it would eliminate the hay ride, the outside running and playing, the true experience of the patch. By the time we got there it was coming down good. Turns out the owners wouldn't open the gate...they cancelled our field trip because everything inside the barn was soaked. Most moms were disappointed...and I was a bit too for Hope's sake but in my suburban when I got the news I was having a celebration with the Lord!! To think he went and changed my circumstance to change my attitude...thank ya Lord ;) Y'all can say it was luck or fate or whatever else you wanna say...I know it was Him. You know how in the Bible when it talks about favor...if I were in a book it would have said...and the Lord had shown favor to Sugar Momma. Ok that may be stretching it a bit but I sure felt favored.

So, that is about it... :)

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Angie said...

Wow...sounds like have been very, very busy! Praying for you that things slow down a bit, and God shows his goodness and compassion more and more!