Sunday, November 1, 2009


This year all 4 kiddos were with us for the trick or treating. Well, we really only go to family and their surrounding neighbors that they know. We have a lot of family here in town, which we love. The kiddos enjoy trying to psych out family to see if they can figure out who they are. This year only Totsie bought Hunter's costume...he was totally caught by Grumpy. The little girls loved getting dressed up. Love was asking to wear her little costume for weeks and she was just as precious as I had imagined she would be. I love having a girly girl :) Hope was in Spidey fashion. She was a bit emotional from a big and early day but did well. We had a costume issue with her eye mask hence the reason for the hand drawn eyemask with webs. We improvised, she loved it, it worked. Faith enjoys dressing up. She really wanted an old lady mask to match Hunter or even a wig. I bought an adult witch costume that looked like it would was a one size fits be honest, I don't know of an adult woman that could have fit all her body into it. And if she could, I don't believe she could breathe. When did one size fits all become women's size 0? World, when will you get it? Sizes 8-12 would be much closer to fitting "all". Enough of that...she ended up picking things out of her closet to "make" a costume. She came up with the "hick" girl. Which to be honest, she totally has researched. She was one of the hickest kids I knew. She went from dresses and sandals to boots, jeans, tennis shoes and shooting at turkeys in our own backyard. She is funny. I love how she took the little girls under her wing and took them trick or treating. So sweet with her sisters :) Hunter digs dressing up. He did a mask and Big Daddy's suit coat. He doesn't feel too cool to do it and the little girls love it when the bigger kids are dressed up. We enjoyed him, his humor and his silly personality.

I guess the best part of the night for me was watching Love. She just cracks me up. We would get to a house and she would start saying..."Me, me, me, k?" Which meant she wanted to knock on the door. She would march up there, knock on the door, and then when it opened she would run back to us as fast as she could laughing the whole way. She was so tickled. Then she would go back and say "tick teet" and then "naynk oo" She was pleased with her cute little self. And really to think about it - it is pretty cool. You knock on a door, say a few words, and get a treat. How cool is that? I personally want to send a shout out to all those people who let us come and trick or not only made my kiddos night - there are some memories that Big Daddy and I have of our kids that we could not have had without you. :0)
Our sweeties
Love as Dorothy...dontcha love the shoes?

Spidey Girl
Cutest superhero ever
Our country bumpkin...the boots were later exchanged for her cousin's cowboy boots.
Such a pretty thang
Hunter...crazy kid
Our 4 kiddos
Aunt Jan and Uncle Greg...great costumes - Aunt Jan, you can totally rock the short, black hair!
Uncle Kevin and Aunt Julie...someone could use a teeth cleanin'...just saying.
The group before Aunt Jan and Uncle Greg got there. Now you can see Bambi (the witch) and Paw Paw (hillbilly mechanic?) and Bella (BJ)
My oldest and youngest girls
My chicks in the middle
All 3 girls
Hope took over passing out candy at Totsie's. She liked this every bit as much as trick or treating.
Within 5 minutes of our last stop...about 9:15. There's no place like home :)

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Angie said...

Great times and sweet photos. I'm a little envious that you could go trick or treating without a winter coat!