Friday, November 6, 2009

Pumpkin Patch...

So we finally made it to the pumpkin patch for Hope's field trip. It was this past Wednesday. Remember my disappointment last time? Well, I won't even mention that our Kindergartners waited an hour outside for our buses to arrive. Apparently no one thought to book drivers...go figure. Oh, I guess I did mention...

We took a hayride, played in a tree house, went through several mazes, roasted marshmallows (only two per kid - which turned out to be one too many), played in the hay and even watched a film on growing pumpkins. Hope had a pretty good time. Although if you asked if she wanted to go back she'd tell you no. The place was packed full of schools. The place reminded me of Roloff Farms from Little People Big World...not quite as cool but they are on the right track. Even so, they charged $7 per person...a tad steep if you ask me.

I guess the bonus was instead of the kids getting one pumpkin to take home they all got to choose two. So she chose another one for her "baby sister" Love. Too sweet :)

It was nice just being there with siblings were allowed to go. Which in retrospect, it benefited Hope, I was able to be solely focused on her.

Here are the pics...
I love her posture in this pic...reminds me of her dad.
Climbing the ropes
Choosing her pumpkinsMy sweet girl :)
Her pretty pumpkins

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