Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday Hunter!!

Fifteen years ago today I woke up at about 6:30am. Because my water had broken. I also took my first ambulance ride. I was transported from one hospital to another. A hospital equipped to take care of a 31 week preemie. Because my darling little boy had begun making himself known and was not going to hang out and wait the way the doctors had hoped he would. Officially you were born at 11:19am by emergency c-section. Your heart rate dropped and they couldn't get it to stabilize so off we went. You were born weighing 3lb 8oz. You had a hard time. You endured some major surgeries, in fact at one point the surgeon told your dad and I not to expect you to pull through the surgery. But, thank did :) You spent your first 9 weeks in the NICU and about a good year of hard work to recover completely. But ever since then you have been growing strong and to look at you today one would never even know the difficult start you had.

You have been such an amazing gift to us. You are probably one of the most loving boys I know. You aren't too cool to tell your mom and dad you love us in front of your friends, or over the phone or in general public. You always have big hugs for us and the company we are in doesn't stop you. You are very affectionate and we like it. You still like to be tucked into bed and like to talk for a while with your daddy before you drift off to sleep. You are a great kid. You are kind. I get to witness you holding doors open for the elderly, rushing to the aid of a woman who had fallen and seriously could not get up without your help, mentoring younger boys in the neighborhood through skateboarding and just randomly mowing our lawn or a neighbor's lawn. You love your family...all of your family. And you enjoy telling them.
Your passion lies in the outdoors. You live to camp out, hunt, and fish. You know more about rifles, shotguns, pistols and 4 wheelers than any kid I know. You have always been your dad's shadow. You have been hunting with him since before you turned 3 and have developed such a love for it. It is your time with your dad and you eat it up. You still like skateboarding and golf too. The skateboarding ties you to your friends and the golf links you to Grumpy :)

I can not believe it has been 15 years. You have been a true joy in our lives. Sure, you are a typical teenager and there is some sibling rivalry that exists - nobody is perfect. But, I can tell you are the most wonderful son a mother could ask for. You were perfectly placed in this crazy family of ours and I can not imagine a day of life without you. You have made us so proud to be your parents. There is not a boy in this world loved more.

I guess it is only fair to tell you since it all started with you and your first trip to the deer lease....

I love you more than all the stars in the sky!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my special nephew!!!! Just the mention of your name and I light up!!!! I so enjoy when we get to spend time together. Nachos still don't taste as good unless I'm sharing it with you! It seems like yesterday that we were walking to the little store or you wanted me to take my hair piece off and throw it so people would move, or even sittin' under the table showing each other our "talents". But it has been so much fun watching you grow up, seeing you drive my car for the first time. I could go on and on about you, but the bottom line is that I LOVE YOU so much!!!! Happy Birthday and I hope to stick around to see many more!!!!
Love, Aunt Jan

Anonymous said...

Wow, my very first grandson Hunter you are the apple of your MIMI and Grumpys eyes. You have our hearts and have given us so much pleasure over the fifteen years you've been here. I will say you gave me the biggest scare the day you were born and your father came out to tell us that you were so little they had to rush you off. The tears in his eyes of the pride he felt to have you. The days that followed were very hard on your parents but.. they stayed with you every waking moment they had. Mom was a real trooper you couldn't have pryed her away. I am so very lucky for the time we spend together and to hear the words I Love You MIMI just melts me. I do know that we have had some times when MIMI didn't think you were doing what I thought you should...I did know that you were thinking about what I said after our talks and my boy you always came back and made me proud. Now to get through the teen years ,driving, girlfriends that might break your heart only to have the MIMI go after them and tell them it is not acceptable to hurt my boy!I LOVE YOU More than all the stars in the sky too. You are the greatest joy a MIMI could have. Hunter I Love you with all my heart and wish you the Happiest Birthday ever. You make me proud, laugh, cry with tears of joy. You are truly amazing and I Love You. MIMI

Angie said...

Happy birthday!!