Monday, November 23, 2009

A Season Come and Gone...

Faith had an awesome season this fall. She was on a team that truly challenged her and grew her as a player. She formed new friendships and at the end of the season you could tell they were all starting to gel as a team. She loves soccer and her moving to Sparta FC upped her game and her passion. We had a blast watching her and cheering her on. All of us, even Hunter went to a lot of her games. We had the ankle injury that caused her to completely miss 4 games. She is still healing. The break really couldn't have come soon enough for her to just go to once a week practices. Faith plays up an age bracket and therefore most of her teammates will be on JV or Varsity teams during our time off. She already looking forward to going and watching them. And she is excited about the upcoming Spring season...which doesn't start up again until late March. So, until are some of the pics from the season. I am terrible about action shots. When Faith has the ball I am so caught up in watching her that I forget to snap the photos. She really is more active than these...ha! Oh, I also get a tad distracted by two of her die hard fans....they love watching their big sister!

See ya back late March!

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Anonymous said...

Awh my sweet Faith! Iloved so much coming to watch you play. You are awesome Faith. I have got to know a whole new side of you and your passion for soccer. I am very proud at how well you played( a go getter )when ya play this game.I love you with all my heart and can't wait till March oh how my weekends won't be the same without watching you run and attack. Love you bunches and Oh did I tell you how beautiful you are? I am now just truly amazing girl. Love MIMI