Wednesday, December 2, 2009

7th Laser Treatment

So Love had her 7th laser treatment today. She did absolutely fabulous! She was a trooper going in and coming out and stayed that way all through the day. The doctor was able to not only up the joules but he had to switch the hand piece so that there was less surface area affected with each pulse. She blistered some and then there was the cheek and under the eye. He said he went over them a couple of times and could not get them to turn purple (which is a good sign that there will be successful result). At first I just figured we'll get it next time. But, as the day has worn on she has become more bruised looking in those areas so maybe they were effective already but not as close to the surface. Who knows. She was able to eliminate the nose spray that gags her poor little self every time. She did the liquid giggle juice. She did amazing. They did not even give her an IV or have to use a breathing tube this treatment. She woke up quickly and drank nearly a sip cup of diluted juice. She ended up getting sick but took a Zofran and was fine from there on. Can I just tell you how much I love me some Zofran?! That is the rockingest drug for vomiting ever. We have used it on many occasions but this was the first time there at the hospital. She is getting to the age where she is much more compliant with her treatment. She has another big day on Monday though. The dentist for two areas of interproximal decay on her upper centrals. Oh, that will not be fun. Luckily our pediatric dentist is every bit as good as our pediatric dermatologist. And he has a new product he thinks he can work with. I am not sure if you all remember but when we first met Love her teeth were in pretty poor condition. I guess twinkies, ding dongs, sodas and juice will do that to you...along with a hard plastic pacifier. And from what our guide told us oral hygiene doesn't really begin in China until you have your permanent teeth and even then is not up to par. Does someone hear the hygienist in me? Anyway, I'll keep you posted :)
Love got the hook up with the Dora dvd, watching here with Big Daddy
And the big, beautiful purple diamond ring and the magic princess wand...these people know how to get to my daughter :)
Waking up...see her new puppy Cookie? She usually gets the little version but they were so proud of how she handled her treatment they gave her the Mommy version today...she was pleased :)
My drowsy little angel


Angie said...

What a brave girl! Our little ones sure have gone through a lot this week, haven't they? God knew just where they needed to be, and have given us the tools to help them. What a blessing. Praying for the dental appointment. We've gone through a TON of appts. with Amarin...extractions, spacer, fillings...oh, my!

Anonymous said...

Oh my little Love we named you this because you are a love. MIMI is so proud to have a little trooper like you. Might I add that the bling you recieved at the hospital is mighty nice. I know Santa will try to match your dress up clothes to all that bling. It was such a joy to see you feeling so much better this time around. Even became a soccer player in MIMI's living room. You go girl and might I add that you have one awesome Christmas Tree!!! Love you bunches. MIMI