Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh My, Now That's A Christmas Tree!

Big Daddy had part of the day off yesterday due to Love's treatment. So, we took full advantage of him being home and went and picked up a tree. But, not just any tree....THE tree :) I've had my eye on it for a bit and mentioned how much I loved it. When Big Daddy said we could get it I think I was just as excited as I knew the kids would be. I think it is beautiful and am waiting until we have plenty of time as a family to decorate. We have a chocolate, apple cider, Christmas music on the radio and up go the decorations inside and out. Then we usually watch a Christmas movie. It is a night I love.

Back to the tree...when we brought it in Love's eyes were big and she said, "Wow! Tah Bi Tee!" translates as Wow! Tall Big Tree! She said it :) Then Hunter who was home from school sick kept saying, "Is it real? That tree is huge. Man, that is a big one." Then when Hope walked in Big Daddy walked her in with eyes closed and she loved it! Then Faith who had already mentioned earlier how much she would enjoy a real tree said, "Is it real? It is pretty." Then she went to smell it and said, "It doesn't smell real." Ha! She thought the scent would pour out of the tree. Don't think that I didn't purchase B&BW plug ins to enhance the ambiance. I did. Three of them suckers :)

Well, hopefully my next post will be this big beauty decorated. I think I may have to up my lights. Our tree has been the 7.5 ft slim the last few years (thanks Mom). This one started at over 9ft and is wide as my arms outstretched. Details below. Did I mention that I love this tree? It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas ;)
I seriously contemplated leaving it right here in the entry as not to have alter its height. The entry has 18' ceilings and they drop to 9' in the living room. It could have totally worked. We could have rerouted through the formal into the kitchen. Big Daddy didn't seem sold on the idea though. Oh, and please excuse the mess in the background.
Big Daddy performing the dreaded branchectomy.
He was careful to only take enough to make it just under the ceiling. I'll figure out the tree topper later, it may be a really short angel :)
And here they are, my man and my tree. Good job honey :)
Exactly the reaction I was hoping for :0)

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