Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Tree Trimming

Yep, did you hear that? Christmas Tree...not winter tree or holiday tree or celebration tree a real live CHRISTmas tree. The nerve of me, huh? What will T*rget, Old N*vy, or Best B*y think? Gag me with a spoon...seriously makes me ill. So, back to the reason for my post - our Christmas tree is now donning all of its ornaments and lights and she's purty :)
My sole volunteer, Love who would like to show you our tree. Her ornaments had to be rearranged several times as the branches she could reach were bearing as much weight as possible.
Oh, and girlfriend is proud of her tree :)All lit up with the lights off. I really, really like this tree :)
But I LOVE this sweetie :)

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Anonymous said...

Now folks just to let you know about this tree it is a monster. I love it. Beautiful and very much a true Christmas tree from the North. My daughter took me to look at the trees and they had about five giant trees, She picked the perfect one. Her children could not believe their eyes as Hunter kept asking mom is this really real. Why of course it is Hunter you might even find a deer near it by Christmas just promise not to shoot it as this is inside your just love hearing them talk about the most wonderful tree .Hope your good so SANTA will stop by and deliver presents to you young ones, MERRY CHRISTMAS To Al Amd To all A Good NIght. MIMI