Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Parade

Well, to say it was cold would be accurate but not quite as powerful as it was super stinkin' cold! Faith about had a fit that I wore my coveralls. Y'all I am not too proud to be seen in my camo. In fact, tonight I was not only thankful that Big Daddy bought me those coveralls for our 3 night camping trip for Y2K but that he had purchased sets that after being handed down fit both of our little girls too! We may have looked a tad out of place but we were warm. And I think we rocked it all pretty well :) And I am not going to say I told you so to Faith who had to quit the parade half way through because of the aforementioned cold. But, in her defense she was way cuter in her outfit. However it was not designed to hold out the wind. Which mine did...not that I would rub it in or anything. I think I almost perspired a bit, I was warm. Which Faith was too...once she was in the car! Ha! Oh, I love you Faith but soon you will learn looks come after function :)
My sweet little girls and me...Love's camo was covered with a coat they both look absolutely precious in camo and safety orange :)
Hunter and Faith didn't plan as well. Sometimes looking cool actually equals being cool - literally! I am cracking myself up...somebody stop me.
Big Daddy and his girls
Hunter and his buddy...they were so impressed with the insurance agent who handed out hot chocolate with peppermint sticks vs. the typical parade fare of candy canes and peppermints.
Cuteness at its best
My cool kid - Faith - who almost became a Popsicle.She is just too much precious in this.
I know what your thinking...she must have seen Santa. Nope, she was more impressed with the firetrucks. Which suits me perfectly fine, in fact, it makes it easier on me. We're not big Santa folks. This look came just after a lady threw an entire regular size bag of M&Ms and she had just dumped every other piece of candy from her hand in order to pick it up. Now, she is a girl after my own heart :)


Angie said...

Looks like fun, but I can't believe it was that cold in TX! Ya'll look great in camo...and yes, Faith and Hunter will change their mind someday about having to look cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh how my precious little family enjoys the Christmas spirit. I love it!!!! Great big happy smiles . My little Love enjoyed herself along with Hope Hunter, Hunters friend, and my precious Faith although she wimped out from the it being so cold.(silly girl).I love how my little family gets so excited around this time of year. From Christmas tree triming to cookie baking to watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. Oh how sweet my memories are each year. By the way did you notice how beautiful my family is? One proud MIMI. Merry Christmas everyone.