Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hope Says...

A few days ago we were(uh-hum, I mean, are) having a very bad run with our puppy "Blue". After discussing the need to possibly have her re-homed Hope said with much passion, "I just wish I could go to school and when I come home she isn't here anymore."
***In Hope's defense, the dog has been biting quite a bit and seems to hold "it" while she is outside and comes in to use the toilet.
After waking up this morning this is what our conversation was like:
Hope: "Where is Daddy?"
Me: "At work"
H: "Why does Daddy work so much?" (which for 90% of the time is only 40 hours)
M: "Because he makes money to pay for our house and food"
H: "I wish he would stay home so I can spend some time with him"
M: "Oh, OK, I will be sure and let him know"
H: "I like spending time with you but I would like to spend some time with him in my life"
***The funny thing about this is she is his shadow...he is her life. Maybe that is why she misses him so much when he isn't here. Sweet but oh so dramatic.
Today while asking me the billionth time how to spell something, her new favorite hobby. Writing words...any words...for a long, long, period of time. Anyway, she had asked to spell Santa Clause, I had told her slowly three times. When she asked again for me to repeat another letter she said this: "I can't help it. Sometimes you tell me things and my head just poops it out."
***Oh. My. Word.
Tonight after dinner she was running to beat Faith to the suburban. Faith yelled "I won!!" and Hope replied with a smile, "That's OK...I'm good with being second!"
***This kid is on a roll.
And finally on our way home she took off her rain boots which smell to the highest degree of stink because she has worn them a couple of time without socks (big mistake!). Big Daddy and Hunter were making smelly feet jokes. Not that they are immune to it. She kept saying, "I have my socks on." Well, I guess enough was enough. After a few more wise cracks about something dying she said in the most pitiful voice, "You are really hurting my feelings"
***It was just too much. I think they both felt about as big as an ant. Sometimes you just need a woman to share how she feels to get it. It was so sad that Faith quickly piped in "Hope, our whole family has stinky feet." Awww...Faith that was so sweet but so not necessary to sell out your mom!

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Angie said...

Out of mouth of babes. Hope sounds like a hoot! And sorry that Faith "ratted ya out!" Too funny!