Monday, December 21, 2009

Bambi and Paw Paw's Christmas...

Good times.
The kids opened their gifts and then we ate. Then all of us older ones played the Gift Exchange Game where you can swap and steal. Poor Uncle Greg couldn't keep a gift to save his life. And there was a new side of Paw Paw that I don't think I have ever seen ;) I ended up with a cute little snowman mug and gift card to Chili$! Big Daddy ended up with an Ac*demy gift card. I love that game! Although I am still not entirely sure that Julie didn't set her self up real good with her selfless volunteering of making the numbers and then she just happened to pick the last number of the lot. She caught Matt trying to cheat and don't they say it takes one to know one ;0)
Matt and Heather
It's Spidey! A favorite gift of Hope's, surprised? Didn't think so.
One of Love's favorite gifts...she loves dress up :)
I know this is blurry but this is Love opening up her potato head set...which she had wanted. Hope had a potato head but it took a long time to share that they both have one! I love her expression!
Love in her dress...the little girls both asked to wear their dresses. I was going to go for comfort but if Hope asks to dress up you better believe we are going to accommodate ;)
Hope and her horse
Uncle Greg and Aunt Jan
Faith finally got her phone back after a 6 week sabbatical...she was chatting it up with her chicks.
If I squat down to take a picture....this is what happens. Love is a fabulous mocker. To get her back up would require me to stand up, and, well, that didn't happen.
Big Daddy, our kiddos and his parents, Bambi and Paw Paw
The 3 Musketeers
Aunt Jan and Faith...why we love her so much...she is a hoot!!
The big boys
My family: Faith, Me, Love, Big Daddy, Hope and Hunter
Daddy and Love
Michael, Uncle Greg, Aunt Jan, Matt and Heather
Austin, Aunt Julie, Bella, Krislyn, and Uncle Kevin

Me and My Man :)


Angie said...

Man, ya'll know how to party! Like the use of "ya'll" by this northerner?? :) Merry Christmas to one fun family!

Julie said...

Hey...I DID NOT CHEAT! I promise!!! I had witnesses when I drew my number so no one could say I cheated. :)