Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at MiMi and Grumpy's

We were supposed to start off around 2 but we were running late...surprise! We thought it was going to be cancelled until further notice due to mom and dad coming down with a virus on Christmas Eve. But, they decided to pull it off. The kids opened gifts and it went really fast. We used to do it one kid opens one gift and then we go around and around until all the gifts are gone. But that really only works if you have the same number of gifts. We had a fabulous dinner of ham, baked beans, the best potatoes, corn and coleslaw. Yummm! Then we let the kiddos play for a while and were going to enjoy dessert. Which we all ran out of room for. The appetites were not what they usually are with the virus starting in my sister's family and lingering into my struck here early Christmas morning. Oh the joys of sharing :)
Hope's favorite is her Crayola erasable marker board
Love's favorite was by far her dress up trunk...she had on every single outfit and item in one night. She tried to wear only dress up clothes today for her "morning clothes"
There is now a new bond between these two DSers.
I can always get this shot...he won't let MiMi down with running from the camera.
One of the kids tables...with 8 grand takes two!
Well, look who's all smiles. See what happens when you play cute with the photographer~with a blog...Ha!!
Another one of Love's AND Hope's favorite ~ a very noisy guitar.
My Mom and her Mom
3 of my nephews ~ just plain cute!
My sister and her man
The jolly hosts of the party...can you tell they all feel under the weather?
We went back to my parents for re-run dinner and dessert last night. It was just as good. They still aren't themselves though.
*For the record, the virus has now taken 2 of my children. The good news is -no fever and the worst is over in 24 hrs or less. The bad news is I don't think anyone has escaped it which means it is coming our way 4 more times. If you want to add this Harris clan to your prayers we might be able to avoid it. As for the worldly precautions....Let the Lysol-ing begin!!! I am pretty sure we are past that point because of exposure but I am willing to try!
And that is it for our Christmas parties~enough to wear a woman out :)
Would not trade it for anything though.

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Angie said...

Oh, no. Praying the rest of you stear clear of the virus! Let the Lysol-ing begin!!