Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Times

So, we had a few very eventful days with baking, wrapping, fishing, movie watching, eating, gift exchanging and just living, laughing and loving.
We did Christmas morning a little different. We did not wake up one kid. We let each of them wake up and "do" Christmas as early or as late as they wished. It was fun when Faith was up at 4:30 and waited patiently *cough*. She tried to enlist Hunter and Hope to no avail. So she emptied her stocking and painted her nails while she waited. She eventually made enough noise and light to wake up Hope and Hunter came behind soon. Then about an hour after they opened their gifts Love woke up to hers.
This year we made a definite point to not push the Santa thing...even less than last year. Do you know the only time Hope ever even brought up Santa is after watching a few Christmasy movies? She didn't want to go and get her picture taken with him or write him a letter...which suits me just fine. Sure she gets caught up in the excitement but if you ask her about Christmas she doesn't associate it with Santa...always Jesus - which I love. Santa is our condiment to our meal of Jesus...I don't even know if I would call him that...maybe a pepper. Santa only brought one gift and it wasn't the "big" gift that they really, really wanted. I wanted that to be from us. I love Angie's idea of Santa only filling the stockings too. My Dad took my two nephews and Hunter on an all day fishing trip on the eve of Christmas eve...this is just a small part of what they caught. They had a ball!
Big Daddy and I took Hope and Love to see the Chipmunks. Big Daddy got the biggest kick out of Love belly laughing and pointing out what was funny!
Member that Chil!s gift card? Well, Christmas Eve we took full advantage of the card and went out for Christmas Eve dinner. It was good family time. It was quite enjoyable and we watched the snow fall as we ate.
It was snowing so hard...we had a blizzard like wind and we were provided with a white was beautiful - but oh so cold.
The tree Christmas morning

A super happy camper - all over an umbrella
Who enjoyed the magic of Christmas...her expressions were almost too much to handle...ya know when you have such an overflowing joy for your child and your heart can hardly bear it? I felt myself tearing up so many times just watching her.
See what I mean? Precious. Absolutely precious.

Hope too! Her most favorite gift was her DS. I got the best deal on it...wink, wink. My sister had one she no longer needed and we did some cheap dealin'. My Hope doesn't have a clue nor would she care if she did. Which not only works in her favor but in our pocket as well.
The little girls both got matching aprons, I have the Mommy version...which I LOVE.
Faith wasted no time to get out there and build her snowman, er, woman :)
In her daddy's rattlesnake boots no less.
Hope had such a great time outside in the snow.

As did Blue...
Who we named Blue because of her blue eyes...which turned brown. Except her right eye is over half crystal blue and the left is about 1/8 crystal blue. Go figure.

The fruit of Faith's labor...the cute hat was totally Hope's idea.
*For the record, yes, Hunter actually shared in this day. He detests his photo being taken. He is on the video with no choice...I am much quicker with that ;)

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Angie said...

You had more snow than we did! It rained and took it all away...which was fine with us since we had to drive one hour to the grandparents. And it looks like Hope has footie jammies?? that Hope's Spiderman bike?? Too cute! Thanks for the comment on my hair. I haven't had it this short in a LONG time, but I'm lovin' the ease of it!