Friday, January 29, 2010

A Western Kind of Day

Today was Kindergarten 'Round Up' at Hope's school. She loves, loves, loves boots - of any kind. She has wanted her own cowboy boots for a while now. And since she had some money from Christmas she decided she might like to buy her own real cowboy boots. Which the girl did, last night. And they look just precious on her :) She is something else too - wore her Daddy's hat, a bandanna, her boots and she had to have her jeans packed in to her boots so everyone could really see 'em. And they are mighty fancy.

Our little cowgirl...although she corrected me several times. She is NOT a cowgirl - she is a CowBOY ;)
Is she too much or what? !

Here's the close up. Big Daddy even mink oiled 'em with the rain and all.

Well, there you have it. Hope doing "western" up right ;) She and I were talking this morning about being a cowboy when she grows up. First, she wants to be a doctor, then after that a police man -maybe one in the army, and then she wants to really be a cowboy. But, not a mom...that's boring. Ha!


Angie said...

She sure has some spirit! I love the photo with her thumbs in her cute!

shaley said...

she is sooo funny! I love that she corrected you for saying cowgirl!

Julie said...

(me whistling)...Now that is one fine lookin' cowboy! I love the boots!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Howdy Hope I see you are a true cowboy these days. I haven't seen a prettier little cowgirl(cowboy) in years. Gotta love all that spunk you have girl. You make one fine cowgirl (cowboy). as you see I prefer cowgirl and you like being a cowboy.hmmm what is the matter with these girls these here days. Minds of there own I guess.Like the boots Miss Hope now you need a horse . Love you bunches MIMI