Monday, February 1, 2010

Growing Up...

Everyone has been telling me lately how much Love has changed. To be honest, I don't really see it. Until I look back at her a year ago. I don't have many photos from a year ago on this computer...'member it crashed? But this one in particular reminds me of just how much of a baby she was.
February 2009
February 'bout that hat?
Speaking of growing up...there is my little guy - Hunter. Well, technically he isn't so little, he towers over me nowadays. He was going fishing with Grumpy yesterday and while he was headed to the shower he said this to me:
"Mom, will you put on a pot of coffee for me?"
I don't know if it is just me but it cracked me up. I would have expected hot chocolate or even tea but not coffee. He drinks it off and on when we have our nightly pot but it just struck me as odd. Not that I didn't like it. It just made me think he really is growing up and he isn't always going to be here. Even though he will always be my little man he is making more grown up choices...even in his hot beverages. Today a pot of coffee tomorrow the car keys...seriously, he could start anytime now driving. He just has to go take his test for his permit. Can't even go there...too hormonal, I'm not too proud to admit it.
Does anyone else wonder why Hope may have wanted her jeans packed into her cowboy boots now? I think I have more insight after this ;)
I may have gotten the corniest mom award yesterday for taking these photos. I was hoping to have fish pictures to back these up. Alas, fish were not in the cards for them yesterday. Maybe next time big guy.
*ps Thanks for dealing with the continual blog changes. Hopefully I will find one that fits soon. It is like a new shade of have to wear it a few days to know if it is a keeper.


Anonymous said...

My man Hunter he is the apple of MIMI's eye I am so proud of him. He does frustrate me when the homework doesn't get done on time but...all in all he is one great guy. He gives me alot of time and love and this MIMI is very proud of that relationship we have. He would do almost anything for me and be glad to do it. He is a geniune young man with a heart as big as the ocean (hint place we like to go). I love it when he and grumpy get to spend some time doing outdoor things sorry it was cold yesterday though Hunter .No fish but.. there will be a next time. I love that you are growing up and scared that you will soon be driving not because of you but... the other nuts on the road. Be careful make good choices and remember I and God are always here for you. Love you bunches MIMI.

Angie said...

It's the baby fat that I miss! Where does it go and why do they have to grow up so stinkin' fast?? Coffee? Oh, my.