Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This Morning...

This morning Love totally marched right into the house after dropping off all the big kids. She seemed to be on a mission. And, she was. I asked if she wanted me to turn on a Hi-5 for her. This is ritual as I check up on emails/blogs. She told me no. She went right to my bed, under it actually. And she retrieved Hope's DS. Hope did make the comment last night that she wishes that Love would play her game while she was at school so that she did not have to take so many turns while she was in the middle of doing something on her game. I had some sympathy...not much, but some. I guess Love totally took our conversation to heart. She came out and told me..." pay game -Hope at kool". That little stinker has taken out and put in all 3 of Hope's games - perfectly. And, she knows how to play them. Although her fun is about to end. I am not letting her stay on it more than 20 minutes. I just thought it was funny how she decided she would follow Hope's suggestion.

She was supposed to go back to school this morning but she just couldn't do it. She just isn't back to 100%. She will return Thursday. Her little nose is still running like a faucet. And having been a substitute I know how much teachers enjoy this. She said in the sweetest voice ever..."tay home now with mommy". You betcha I let her. But, now that I think about it...it may have been less about me and more about the game ;)

Oh, a few other things she has been saying that just get me......

When she is wanting to tell me something that means a lot she will use the words..."eva, eva, eva, eva, eva..." behind it. Like "I wuv yoo eva, eva, eva, eva, eva" :) or the other day she was really upset with Hope and she said, "no way, eva, eva, eva, eva, eva" and then put her head down with her hands covering her face. She was oh so distraught.

" 'Meer " is another. She means come here. She says it in the sweetest little voice.

She says "sah-ee" all the time. She means sorry. She knows how to use it. She is sorry for an awful lot too. If you get hurt, if she makes a poor choice, if she spills something, if you say excuse me to get by her, well, a whole lot of things.

It is so much fun watching her little brain stretch and her words to finally meet up with her thoughts. I can only imagine how much more enjoyable her life has been to not be so frustrated with us not understanding what she has been trying to tell us. Although her gestures and eyes can tell quite a story all by themselves :) Have I told you all lately how much I LOVE being home with her? Well, I do :)

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