Monday, January 4, 2010

What's Up?!

I have a bit to say so I am going bullet style. Get ready :)
  • Well, we were able to go to our 'home' church yesterday. And they totally did the unimaginable...a prayer meeting...for church...all Sunday service...gasp! Can you imagine? I haven't been to church there in probably 6 months. And I can tell you more about the men, women and children in that church that we were with for a few hours than I can tell you about the people of my last two churches. Is that their fault, nope. There is just something about asking for prayer and praying for someone that, well...leaves one quite translucent. No fog or smoked mirrors...just real, hurting, struggling, growing, praising, yearning for more people. Just like the rest of us. I can tell you that the hand of God is on that church. In fact, I think it just may be held tightly in His bosom. That community of believers ~ it will bring tears to your eyes and joy to heart to be a witness. Because they do stand believing that all asked according to His will, will be. Now, that my friends is faith. LTC how I love thee :0)
  • Speaking of prayer, our family could use some. Our son to be specific. He is in a really uncomfortable place. I won't disclose the details because they aren't mine to give but if you will just lift him up. I can tell you not a single prayer will be wasted.
  • I will be doing some of this. (click for details), and yes, I know it isn't Spring. But it is a New Year...
  • I am also participating in this. (click for details). I haven't gotten my specific goals but I am really close. I'll post more then.
  • And lastly, on the public record, purely for accountability. We are back in the debt boat. And we want out. Last time we 'met' with Dave we were doing really well. Somewhere we lost our oars, and our boat sprang a leak...So we will be spending a lot of time talking to and about this fellow.
  • Because of the above mentioned statement, these are some of my new favorite blogs:
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  • Gather Little by Little
  • Simple Mom

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Angie said...

We love to listen to Dave. Why didn't anyone tell us all this when we were young? I think this should be a required class for all highschoolers! Praying for your son!