Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catching Up is Hard To Do!

Let's See....

Love had her 8th laser treatment on the 17th. No fun! She is at the age that she totally understood where we were and why we were there. She didn't much care for it. Which totally makes it more difficult to endure these visits. Once we get to a place where we see no improvement...we are done. To be completely honest, I feel sure this is our last year for a while anyway. She is just such a sport. She dislikes all of it but does it anyway and tries to smile through it. She is much better after than before and she had her very first sick free visit. They gave her zofran on top of phenegran and she was good to go...took forever to wake up but she still did so good.
Right out of surgery
About 3 hours later :)
2 1/2 weeks post op....
If only she were a happy child ;)
Which brings us to an unhappy moment. Remember when we added our puppy Blue to the family? Well, let's just say we ended up being foster parents instead of her forever family. I still feel our time devoted to her was beneficial to both sides but....well, the girl was biting. Especially Hunter - and when she punctured his cheek about an inch or two below his eye with a bite - for no reason. Well, we decided it was really more a forced relationship on our part. We couldn't change her, it was more of her nature. Afterall she was bred to work. She needed more than we could give her and I wanted her to live. It was very hard on Hunter. And Hunter's Momma who totally balled like a baby - and I didn't like her much at all. I loved that little pest of a dog but really did not like her. Even Big Daddy teared up. It is just, well, so final.
Which, brings me to my next announcement:
Two of the sweetest natured dogs we have ever had. They love to be loved on and are learning their manners so well. We are making sure we teach them so that they will be true joys and not burdens. They both arrived home yesterday after an intense pound visit on Friday. There were so many great dogs there that we had a hard time choosing. But Faith spotted Gracie and she would not let up about her. Then when we went through the boy dogs and we spotted Bear. They did not even realize they were siblings. You should have seen her when they brought him out. She perked up and did the equivalent of hugs and kisses. She was ecstatic. Both were "fixed" on Monday and doing great. They just love each other so much.
They are a shepherd mix. We lean toward English Shepherd mix after all we have searched and googled but truth be told they are just a couple mutts. And we couldn't be happier. They were aged at 2-3 years old. So they are done growing and quick learners. So smart. Hunter is on cloud nine and I am not sure if that smile ever did leave his face. And guess who got up at 4 to check on them when the electricity went off? Hunter. And guess who got up at 6:30 to make sure there was plenty of time to play with them...ummm, both Hunter and Faith. They are two pretty good additions to the ole Harris abode.
And don't they just smile so purty?
We have a wonderful weekend coming up with loads of family time....can't wait! :)


Angie said...

Great to see you back and that Love is doing so well. What a strong and happy little girl. As for the guys rock! I'm sure it was so hard giving Blue away, but these two are so sweet...and siblings! Have fun and a very happy Easter!!

shaley said...

They look so sweet and lovable! Glad you got your dog issues dissolved we're still working on ours :) I don't know if you heard but my Grandpa Sam passed away this morning...just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't hear. Love Yall!

Anonymous said...

I miss my grandogs so much they were the sweetest little angels ever.It breaks my heart they could not stay with our family but....they became way to sick. We love you Bear and Gracie you were truly a b;essing. Love MIMI