Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Love Day!

Love at first sight
Two years ago today we became a family of 6. Our sweet little one, Love; was officially our daughter. And our world will never be the same because of her. Our world is an infinitely better place with her in our heart and home and forever in our family.
Love home 1 year
She changed our lives...forever. And we thank God for the honor of calling her our baby girl. There has never been nor will there ever be another like say we love her just doesn't seem to tranfer our feelings into words.
Love home 2 years
She is our sunshine.
Not to mention 'bout the cutest thang ever.
She is that living breathing joy day in and day out that makes us so incredibly blessed to not only know her but to be chosen as the ones who hold her hand as she makes her mark on this world. And she will, make her mark-that you can be sure of. :)


Angie said...

2 years already?? Where did that time go? Congratulations!!!! BTW, I'd love to know what was going through her sweet little mind in that last photo...

Anonymous said...

Oh my it's been two years how time does fly. I have the most precious little angel in my family she entered our lives two yrs ago in person but long before in our hearts. This little one is such a joy and bright spot in our lives she is always the happy little love bug that I so love to watch shine. Our little one gives so much joy to her family but...most of all she melts her MIMI's heart.Little Mei Mei welcome home all over again and thank you for giving us so much love. Our lives are so much better because your in it. Love to my sweet sweet MeiMei. Out to shop for a Barbie doll as she has ordered one with black hair hope I find her. If not I will find one with the prettiest clothes so she can play dress up with her mommy Mei Mei. ILOVE YOU MIMI

Julie said...

Aunt Julie loves loves loves her LOVE!!! Happy Love Day!