Monday, January 24, 2011

My "friend" Joanne

I am not sure you can actually call her my friend. And it sounds so creepy to be the one to admit I lurk on her blog from time to time. But, I guess if the shoe fits I better put the stinkin' thing on. Well, back on Jan. 11 of this year....a very fit, together, God loving, Greek learning, homeschooling 38 year old beautiful mom of two precious girls and a well...Simple Wife to a good man had a life changing experience. She is known in the blog world as The Simple Wife she is not what you would typically picture for a woman would have a major stroke. But....she did.

We have been praying for her and her family since we heard. I am not going to lie. The 38 year old thing...well, it hit awful close to home. I'm least for another couple of months. And folks, she is in far better shape than myself. I have wondered and "watched" and "heard" as her husband and friend keep us update of her condition. Her story is here....The Simple Wife (just click on title). I would start around the 11th to truly witness all of God's healing power. And y'all He has been doing some amazing, miraculous works through her mind and body and family and friends. Encouraged to say the least!! God is so good...I mean, really good.

Today, I woke to a twitter announcement from her husband that she squeezed his hand! She is on her road to recovery, whatever that may look like. Her right brain was significantly affected and her left brain looks wonderful. She is a voracious reader...guess which side of your brain you need to read?? So, who really knows what her journey will look like this way forward....well, I know who knows...and He has his hand on her. :)

There is a particular post that about broke this from her husband on the 17th. It just makes me want to reiterate that God is good....all the time.

If you'd like to check on Joanne quickly there is a button on my side bar on the right just click and it will send you to her blog.

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shaley said...

I've been following her husband on twitter too and I am so happy things are looking so good. I have to be honest, I didn't expect this much good news. I prayed but my faith wasn't strong that things would turn out good. Praise the Lord others had more faith than I, the prayers of the faithful are so powerful!