Monday, January 10, 2011

My Guys :)

The bond these two have is pretty special to say the least. I think they are possibly the closest father and son relationship that I have ever witnessed. Which makes me happy :) But, what makes me overflow with happiness is that the Lord gave me these two. And I am certain I could not have hand picked any two guys in the whole world I could love even an smidgen more :)
Add ImageMe: Could I get a picture of you two (knowing that Hunter detests photos....)?
Well, it is a photo...not that you look like you liked getting it made.
Big Daddy: Come 'ere boy! Show your Daddy some love!
Me: Was that so bad?? Now, can I get one with both of you looking at the camera? It's not like Daddy is gonna hold your hand or something.Oh...wait! :)
My final it! These guys of mine both changed my life in such a big way. Big Daddy made me a wife and Hunter made me a mom. These are two of my finest treasures :)
I still can not believe that Hunter is driving. I see it everyday and still can not believe it! But, here they are off to the deer lease with the little girls :)
I bribed Hunter with the car keys to take these photos. I was wrong but hey, a mother's gotta do what a mother's gotta do! He does not like these and specifically asked I not post these. So let's keep it on the down low, k?
Who knew I'd have two big guys in my life so soon. It seems like just yesterday this son of mine was talking about being "Daddy's deer hunter" and "Travis" off of Old Yeller and rockin' a bowl haircut. He was the most precious adorable boy ever made...well, he still is...but that teenager sometimes dims the cute factor a tad. But, seriously, there is not a son that is loved more.

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Anonymous said...

Can I have been any more blessed than to have these two in my life Heck No!! I have and awesome son- n- law and the most precious of all first born grandson who got off to a scary start in life! But.. you see God had great plans for this little guy and he makes his MIMI very proud. I love him so much I feel like my heart burst with so much pride!! Yes, he has his teenage moments but all in all i wouldn't trade our special times a bit!! I love you Hunter !! and Daddy O you too.