Thursday, January 13, 2011

Had to share...

I know I need to update with Christmas photos and info...I will, promise :)

But I had to share this with you just real quick.

Today, I went to a dental conference. I keep my dental hygiene license in check just in case we may need me to work, or that I might want to work a day or so a week...for fun.

Anyhow, these conferences always freak me out. I have to drive where I don't want to. Park where I don't want to and then to top it off I don't know a single person going. Sounds like fun, huh?

But, I'll be if the Lord didn't sit me right down next to the most wonderful little resource ever. I have been homeschooling the big kids now for a bit. And I have been searching and researching on exactly how to do all this high school thing without hurting them and their chances of getting into a college...well, any college in Texas...I have my limits :) Anyway, back to my new friend...we were making small talk and I told her I dn not work. She told me she used to not work either when she homeschooled her boys...who graduated from homeschool and went to A&M. Ummm...yeah. So, I grabbed her number and email and my new bff will be hearing from me soon. She said she had sooo much to tell me that we couldn't squeeze into our 5 minute breaks. I am excited! And she told me that A&M is a very, very receptive college for homeschoolers. That they love them. Well, you can imagine...I was expecting a day of listening to boring lectures over stuff I already knew and lo and behold the information I have been scouring for sat down beside me. Thanks Lord :)


Angie said...

Don't ya just love those little "hugs" from God??

shaley said...

That's so awesome, its so cool when stuff like that happens!