Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Trip....

Well, we had a good drive getting to Oklahoma. Love was far more fussy than usual and of course, it is not ever a lot of fun driving anywhere for 4 or 5 hours especially with 4 kids with no naps. But we managed to make the best of it. It was fun just trying to imagine this new city we would be living in for a few days. The little girls would get restless or whiny and Faith would sit up and hold their hands and comfort them....I love the photos...could have done without the lovely black nail polish Faith applied at a friend's house though.

We pulled up to our wasn't what I had envisioned. The girls got a kick out of Big Daddy putting them up on the luggage cart. The room was "different" let's say. We did have a lovely velvety couch and a view that was interesting...of the sliding glass doors and check in desk. We had to keep our view limited because...we were only on the 2nd floor so everyone coming in could see directly into our the room stayed fairly dark :( The biggest deal was Hope wearing Big Daddy's boots all around the room that came clean up to her knees and then Love would wear Hope's shoes for the day....exciting times, huh?

We found a wonderful play park with swings, climbing wall and tons of slides and ladders and bridges...the little girls had so much fun! The weather was wonderful...not too hot or cold. Just right about 80. The park had a small skate/bike park which Hunter took full advantage of. There was a farmer's market but nothing more than onions, small tomatoes and, we have it good at home with all our fresh fruits and veggies!

We managed to eat at Panera Bread...which I love, Faith likes quite a bit and Big Daddy even likes it. The little girls don't much care for it, except the fruit and Hunter's words are "it's a "girly" place to eat". He thinks salads and sandwiches are more for the ladies...he likes more stealthy foods I guess. We tried some local Mexican fare but it didn't really fare at all. It was bland and made me miss home even more but the atmosphere was good.

We ventured throughout Oklahoma State University quite a bit. They have the most awesome campus. It was so nice and peaceful and the housing is quite nice. We talked to a gal and her mom...this weekend was the drop off. They started school this past Monday. She shares a 4 bedroom, 2 bath suite with 4 girls. They each have their own bedrooms that crazy or what? Pretty nice accommodations. Not that our kids will go there...that is simply too far...ha!

On our way home we stopped off Turner Falls seemed like a place the kiddos would like to go. The folks we saw were having a good time. It reminded us of the river in Del Rio...several separate pools of water with the waterfall in the middle. We might head back there sometime.

Finally home...Love is sick with the intestinal stuff...the other 3 seem to be getting colds and coughs....ahhh....but at least in the comfort of our own home ;0)

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