Saturday, January 9, 2010

2 Things...

Blue drives me NUTS!!!
I seriously think I am being punished by parenting this dog. Everyone keeps telling me she will grow out of it. I don't know if I have enough hair or nerves to last that long. She is only just under 5 months.
But this sweet Love here...keeps me sane.
I will take all kinds of punishment if I get her sweet little heart as a reward :)


shaley said...

Blue just looks crazy! Mom gave Zoe back to her original owner...she is sooo relieved! They took in Rebecca (the homeless pregnant girl that has been living in our youth house) and her precious newborn baby and Zoe was going nuts on them and bit mom in the same day so that was the final straw...seriously I think yall could find blue a great home if she doesn't get better. Maybe a family of pro wrestlers or something...the youth retreat was amazing by the way...wish yall were there with us!

Sugar Momma said...

Pro wrestlers, eh? Do you happen to have their number?
Scott told Wesley about Rebecca, I didn't realize she had already had the baby.
I wish we could have been there too...we thought about you guys a lot, wondering what you all were up to and hoping you stayed warm :)