Friday, April 30, 2010

Here's Tucker!

70 pounds of pure love

Love is our most hesitant...of course they meet eye to eye and that can be intimidating

Faith loves her Tucker

I think he kinda likes it here

Hope and Big Daddy lovin on our newest addition
Umm...I think we'll keep him ;)
That look on Hunter's face says it all
He had a big day. A new home, a new family, a new routine...he did fabulous! The kids have been playing with him nonstop. We went on a nice long walk with him. He is so well mannered on a leash. He seems like he kinda likes it here.
It is strange to think about how we managed to meet Tucker. The reason is sad. His "mom" is going through a divorce after 30 years of marriage...can you even imagine? Bless her heart. I've been praying for the right dog since we lost our last two. It has only been 3 weeks and the story of our getting Tucker is just proof that God even cares about the small stuff. The stuff that to most people doesn't seem big enough to bother Him with. I am so thankful that He led us to Linda and her dog. I think not only did we get a great new family member but we also just may have a pretty special relationship with a woman we may have never met otherwise. You know something as traumatic as having to rehome your favorite pet can have the goodness of God in it. As upset as she was she was about losing him she knew she was blessing us with a dog. So in her pain of...let's face it, losing what feels like a child to her, she was ministering to our family by allowing us to have him. I am hoping the ministry works both ways. We have already shared his first day with her. She said she was balling but happy tears. I can't wait to see what He has planned for us through this neat little situation :)


Angie said...

God is amazing, isn't He? To think that He knew all along that Tucker would be in your family...and the hurt that your family went through with the past dogs, and what your friend is going through now...He can bring good out of all of it. Tucker looks like an amazingly sweet dog. I LOVE retrievers, and soon Love will love him, too. At one time, Amarin thought Ruffey would eat him, and Charlie would scream at the sight of a dog.'s like they've loved dogs their whole life! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a blessing I went to visit my new granddog he is beautiful and so so sweet. I thank the lady who chose my daughter and her family as Tuckers new family. I promise he will be treated with lot's of love! I know how hard it must of been to let him go but... be assured you couldn't have asked a better family to carry on for you. The pictures will come as he grows so you will still be a part of his life.Linda I don't even know you but I do know you have a giant heart and I can't say thank you enough. Tucker is a beauty and I love him too. MIMI