Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Check In

Wanted to drop in for a quick hello and a small update.

Faith is loving her new schooling arrangement. It is Fab-U-lous!! She is doing so well and has had more smiles than frowns...gotta love that! Soccer is back in season...although the last two games have been cancelled because of weather. She also had her very first fender bender, even though she was driving a golf cart.

Don't think I mentioned that those super sweethearts of a dog have passed on. They both came down with distemper their 3rd day home which was horrible to watch...we tried to nurse them back into health, dumped way too much money in trying to fight it, in the end they were vomiting pretty much nonstop, running fevers that were at the level of heat stroke that were no longer breaking and seizing. In the end Bear wouldn't even open his eyes and Gracie would hardly move and if she did she was getting sick. Like I was AWFUL! We had to put them to sleep. Did I mention how hard it was? We are currently the poster family for vaccinating your dogs. It was all completely preventable. Here are a few pics of the girls loving on 'em in the last days.

But...there is a new dog coming. We pick him up on Friday. He is a golden retriever. He is 8 months and already 70 pounds. He is a real cutie. It is a huge blessing out of a not so great circumstance for the current owner. He is her baby. So, we are going to have an open adoption - you think I'm kidding don't you? I'm not. Oh, and he has had ALL of his shots! :)

Here is the only photo we have seen of him

Hunter is ready for school to end. He has had his limit. Tomorrow is the math TAKS and he is not even a tad bit excited. He is looking forward to joining Faith next year. He is excited about getting our new dog and is already searching for him a friend. His idea of a good playmate isn't exactly my idea. He likes the rowdy breeds. Me...not so much.

Hope is full swing in soccer. She is either on or off and to be truthful...we don't really care. If she is having fun - we are too :) She is ready for summer. She doesn't like waking up early and wants to sleep in. She is digging reading though and really doing well.

Love is struggling with allergies. She had to have a pulpotomy (basically a root canal) on her front tooth. Apparently she fell and hit it within the last couple of months and it was dying. She did so well...she is such a trooper. She doesn't really like going but she is brave and gets through it and she gets so spoiled there too! Unfortunately it is necessary even though it is not so fun. I will be glad when she gets through all these issues so that she can just be for a while without doctors or dentists except once or twice a year. Oh, and she is still just as cute as ever ;)

Well, that is all I've got for now...until next time.

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Angie said...

Great to hear such awesome news about Faith, and the new dog, and Hunter being excited about next year...well, as excited as a teen guy can be! Laura had a double root canal a couple years ago, and they called all their dentists over to look at her roots...they had never seen anything like it. Lovely...leave it to Laura! Continuing to pray for Faith and your family. Hugs to you all!